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Holistic Human Metaphysics (HHM) is regarded as the science of life. The inventor, Dr. T.P Jayakrishnan, following his 35 years of pioneering research, development, and universality, formulated tools, techniques, and principles that set forth the significance of the Einsteinian model of understanding the origin and existence of matter present in the universe. 


While present-day healthcare, as well as industrial systems and technology largely depend upon the Newtonian model of reality (which is tangible, measurable, and predictable in a mechanistic way), it does not portray the utility of certain other significant sources of power/energy that are available to us. On the other hand, the Einsteinian model of reality highlights the significance of identifying and applying such intangible forces/energies that exist in nature for the proper functioning of various abiotic and biotic components of the universe. 


HHM is thus a field of metaphysics that creates a ‘silver cord’ between tangible and intangible sources of energies in nature.


Since all substances in the universe vibrate, the most important characteristic of all the kinds of energies that we are exposed to is their vibration; where the rates of vibration of different cells in different parts of the human body, determine the overall health of that body.


Each human organism needs a certain finite number of inputs, collectively called environmental factors, and the life of the individual human depends solely on the availability of these factors. 


Among this finite number of inputs, while some can be chosen by man (for instance, the food that is consumed, the duration of exposure to sunlight, etc.) the effect of other inputs (such as exposure to cosmic rays, gravity, and the electromagnetic field of the earth) cannot be controlled by human organisms as such.


The principles of HHM thus focuses on channelizing and aligning the cosmic energies, to activate the energy centers of a human body - eventually ensuring an enhanced quality of life and helping one achieve their untapped potential.


Regarding the applications of HHM, they are based on three hypotheses formulated by combining the various founding principles of Energy medicine, Theory of dissipative adaptation, Theory of everything, Geomagnetic field, Color medicine, Vibrational medicine, and Subtle energy systems in the human body. They also reveal the significance of the seven principal colors of light rays - Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red (VIBGYOR) - in maintaining the functionality of systems in the human body. 


States that the physical system of the human body is a manifestation of the effect of appropriate reductions in the spectral frequencies of the seven principal colors of light rays, to a localized non-entropic boundaried physical space.


States that the first breath of a human being at the moment of birth determines the magnitude of the entropic force acting on the pattern of health at various stages of life.


States that the predetermined magnitude of the entropic force acting on the pattern of health at various stages of life is alterable by maintaining an equilibrium of the seven principal colors of light rays.


The Einsteinian model of reality considers the human body as a living matrix that functions in complete harmony with the electromagnetic energy system of the universe. 


In a human body, all organs and limbs have unique cosmic light rays associated with them, with unique entry points for the seven principal colors of light rays (VIBGYOR), each possessing a unique electromagnetic frequency.


The seven principal colors of light rays influence the functioning of the seven major endocrine glands in the human body and are responsible for the development of the chemical elements that the human body is constituted of - including biological macromolecules such as DNA and Proteins. Each spectral color of sunlight can also be converted into a particular group of minerals in the body. This opens another door and provides us with the insight, that the emergence of diseases due to a chemical imbalance has to be viewed also as a color imbalance/frequency imbalance, i.e., an energy imbalance. Further, oriental teachings affirm that all kinds of foods are composed of the seven principal colors of light rays (VIBGYOR) and that the energy values of foods vary according to the composition of those colors. 


Hence, believing that all activities of a human organism are regulated by these seven principal colors of light rays is bona fide. 



Every human receives and radiates light waves (VIBGYOR). Each of these light waves possesses characteristics for leading a certain quality of life. 


When a human is born on the planet, the very first breath, which holds 700 million electrically-charged particles, also holds the basic characteristics that can develop into his life potential. In other words, the ability to do anything is solely determined by the composition of these 700 million electrically charged particles that one inhales.


The variations in the electric field of the sun or those of other rotating celestial bodies affect the electric field of the earth, in turn affecting the internal electric field of a human being. This chain of variations creates the rationale behind the influences of the planets and the sun on human beings living on the earth. 


When we breathe, electrically-charged particles from these cosmic rays are taken into our body and used for the synthesis and operation of functional biological macromolecules. As mentioned, each breath of a human contains 700 million electrically charged particles. But the composition of these 700 million electrically-charged particles varies over time since the intensity of these rays striking on earth’s atmosphere varies over time as well. 


Nevertheless, an equilibrium of these seven cosmic light rays must be maintained in each breath, if one is to reach their maximum potential in life. 


Based on this hypothesis, Dr. Jayakrishnan created a series of processes, by decoding some of the most esoteric Vedic textbooks. He ascertained the validity of the Vedic claims by scientific tests and placed each of them under rigorous experiments in the lab. He now uses his machines to read, decode, and evaluate the composition of the principal seven colors of light rays in human beings. Once this decoding happens, the body - being a perfect chemistry mechanism - can then be provided with materials that enhance a certain parameter or reduce a certain harmful characteristic in one’s life.




According to the doctrines of cosmic law, the ‘prana’ is the cosmic electrical energy in the air that we breathe. When cosmic rays hit the atmosphere of the earth, ions and minerals are produced as a result of a reduction in frequency. When we breathe, these cosmic ions and minerals are taken into our bodies and are used for the synthesis and the operation of functional biological macromolecules.


This ‘food’ is thus known as the ‘cosmic food’. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, everything in life is associated with a vibration including these cosmic ions and minerals that contain the unique properties of their associated principal color light rays. 


When we breathe in, if we can attune ourselves to receive the vibrations of all the seven rays, that by itself would satisfy our body’s need for nutrition (think yoga breathing - Prayanama). It is when one is unable to receive the vibration of a particular ray naturally, that s/he becomes physically, mentally, or spiritually diseased.


The principal light rays have been used to heal many ailments since 2000 BC. As such, every organ in the human body works best at a certain energy level. This energy corresponds to the electromagnetic vibration/frequency of the color, that is associated with the given organ.


When the human body is given color vibrations with the right frequencies, the human’s subconscious mind will inherently direct these vibrations to the affected area for healing. Colors can so be used to energize and align chakras for realizing deeper and sustainable levels of health and well being.


An inborn code of seven principal rays is set at the moment of birth defining the body chemistry of the human being. The requirement of each principal ray varies as one progresses in life, as a function of time and location.


Our food habits, specifically, plant-based foods (a condensed form of sunlight) have a strong influence on maintaining the equilibrium of the seven principal rays in the human body. Each color food energizes, cleanses, builds, heals, and rebalances the glands, organs, and nerve centers associated with its color-related chakra. The color of the food at the time of consumption thus also has a high significance.



Applications of Holistic Human Metaphysics, true to its name, is intended for achieving a state of equilibrium or ultimate wellness across different aspects of a human’s life; including personal efficiency, wealth creation, success in business, education, health and even, political power.


The three hypotheses of HHM, as discussed above, form the foundation of holistic human metaphysics. An understanding of these hypotheses helps to devise strategies for the maintenance of one’s health. 


Human organisms can never neglect the influence of the seven principal light rays on the functioning of the body-mind system. Any efforts to tune the day-to-day life of a person with that of nature, will only result in that person’s holistic wellbeing. 


Of the many ways available out there, the author proposes below, a simple technique that can be easily incorporated into modern lifestyle, irregardless of religious barriers.


Predominant clothing and consumption of specific colored food (plant origin) as governed by celestial body on each day of the week, is one of the simplest strategies to maintain the equilibrium of the seven principal light rays in the human body.


To conclude, it is recommended that a balanced diet formulated by combining both the strategies, i.e., chromotherapy and Vedic systems of knowledge is followed to help an individual resonate better with the seven principle light rays and experience higher states of consciousness.