“Mankind is aware of societal rules but ignorant to universal rules.”

Dr. T.P. Jayakrishnan is an eminent scholar in the field of Metaphysics and Human Wellness Life Sciences - pioneering the research, development, and universality in Vedic Metaphysics for over 35 years now. 


Dr. Jayakrishnan believes that our life lies solely in our own hands. All his life, he has been on a quest for factors that contribute to a joyous state of living. He discovered that nature, where energy abounds, is not optimally utilized for our benefits and that, we instead live in conflict with those very same elements that we need to be co-existing with. 

Dr. T.P. Jayakrishnan

But the beginnings of this thought were not so, at first. The story is that Dr. Jayakrishnan stumbled upon the world of metaphysics when he hit a rough patch in his life. At one point, he was even told that as per astrology, his stars were not aligned with that of his wife, Usha Jayakrishnan, and of how their marriage would be short-lived. The hardships faced by Dr. Jayakrishnan after this point were unparalleled - including the severe financial crisis. The burning desire to overcome this set prediction called ‘fate’, and to lead a more prosperous life drove him deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the universe and its true impact on an individual’s life. 

It was during this pursuit, that he met his mentor, Dr. Nimay Banerjee, a legendary Astro-scientist, who encouraged him to ask questions and find answers. After much such endeavor, he eventually realized, learned, and found the art of coexisting our being with that of our planetary and cosmic energies. By decoding 5000 years of ancient wisdom, traditions and science, he developed tools, techniques, and learnings that have now become the fundamentals to a new realm of science - or more precisely, of metaphysics - called Holistic Human Metaphysics (HHM).


Today, he has achieved everything he aimed for. Of all his recognitions and achievements, the most profound is that he is healthy, wealthy, and surrounded by a loving family of his wife, children, and grandchildren. His books ‘Holistic Human Metaphysics’ (2017), ‘Dr. T.P. Jayakrishnan’s Teachings on Holistic Human Metaphysics’ (2018) and the upcoming, ‘VIBGYOR - Path to Success and Happiness’ have all been widely recognized, with world leaders, businessmen, celebrities, sports personalities, and politicians now adopting his tools and techniques, under his guidance.


So what was it that underlined his findings, his thoughts, and his success in redefining his life’s potential? What is the combination that helps overcome the dormancy of human thoughts which prevents them from maximizing their possibilities?

“Success in life underlies in adjusting the receptive infrastructure of our physical body and in obeying the unique universal rules”. 

The receptive infrastructure of the human body refers to the capacity of an individual to receive the essential cosmic energy in abundance, and in channelizing the same to tap into their potential. According to him, the universe runs on a highly precise mathematical balance and if super-intelligence has brought one to this planet Earth, it certainly means that there is a grand purpose behind it. 


HHM thus illustrates tools and techniques to help balance the energy flow in the human body. Since every human being is unique, HHM provides simple lifestyle habits and adaptations, which are personally customized. To know more about the science and its application forms, click here 

On Metaphysics

The term “Metaphysics” evokes mixed responses. To begin with, the term by itself is a result of a historical accident. When one of the greatest philosophers of all time, Aristotle, died in the fourth century BC, he left reams of written notes on virtually all scientific topics imaginable — from logic, politics, and ethics, to astronomy and botany. His pupils and followers took up the task of organizing these manuscripts into separate works, known today collectively as the Corpus Aristotelicum. However, they had considerable difficulty with categorizing a group of particularly abstract and hard-to-comprehend writings, dealing with subjects of being and substance, principles of things, the ideas of one and many, the problem of change, the existence of mathematical objects and that of one God. Now, rather than incorporate these writings under any existing category, they placed them in the order following the treatises on physics, and therefore the provisional title “Metaphysics” was coined, which means “what comes after physics”. But the name stuck, and to this day is associated with the most general and abstract philosophical considerations regarding the idea of being.

In extension to his 35 years of pioneering research, he also founded Aushmath Research Trust (ART), Aushmath Biosciences (ABS), HHM World, and HHM Life; spearheading a team of quality researchers undertaking promising investigations in the realm of Natural as well as Vedic Sciences. 


In his endeavor to transfer the knowledge of Sacred Vedas to the modern scientific community for the betterment of existing health care systems, ABS was established to facilitate the scientific probe into the complex interactions between natural and social systems and develop novel strategies for sustainable utilization of natural resources to meet the needs of the present and future generations of mankind.


Meanwhile, Dr. Jayakrishnan created a series of processes, by reading, decoding, and evaluating some of the most esoteric Vedic textbooks - resulting in HHM World. HHM World’s products, tools & techniques are based on HHM’s principles - unlocking over 5000 years of ancient wisdom & science to help people achieve their life transformation by eliminating the negative energy forms - both inside & outside of their physical body. One such widely recognized product is PURE - a scientifically-proven product that reflects over 20 years of dedicated research into the occult science domains of Agnihotra - cosmic energy and smoke therapy - intended to be part of one’s habitat wellness, regardless of any religious barriers.


It was on the same note, that he also founded HHM Life - a guided application to holistic wellness predominantly based on the underlying link between the rich ancient Vedic knowledge and concepts of modern science, advanced by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

To him, if a person exerts relentless intelligent efforts on any task, the word ‘fate’ has no room in his life.

Dr. T.P Jayakrishnan’s Message to the World.

Our planet is going through its most testing times in over a century. We at HHM, dedicate our prayers to the people who have lost their lives in this pandemic battle. 


Nevertheless, the old saying goes, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going". History has always proved this. Our civilization, which has survived such horrifyingly tragic situations in the past, has eventually come out stronger, faster, and smarter. We certainly have a great era ahead of us, that’d be part of history someday too. We ought to think about the positives that have happened during these seven grueling months. There has been a substantial reduction in the global pollution index, global mortality, etc. Most importantly, we have realized the value of family time. Our bonds with our dear ones have undoubtedly strengthened. It is best to consider this phase as a reboot in our lives. Also, whenever life seems unfair in the post-pandemic years, don’t forget to look back into this period. Get quickly attuned to the new normal, as we have a long journey ahead. Let the worst memories of this pandemic never haunt you in the future. Think smart and invest wise (both in terms of time and health) since we are witnessing a change in everything including the world order. Be aware, and quick to adapt to these sudden changes, because our ancestors have taught us that awareness is strength, awareness is survival and awareness is God. 

Dr. T.P. Jayakrishnan